FS - Ducati 916 track bike (with V5)

Hi there

I am selling my Ducati 916 Track bike.

This bike was built from the ground up by JLG Racing and was raced in 2002 by Leigh Poole. The bike finished 3rd in Sound of Thunder (New Era). I have owned this bike from 2003 and have only done trackdays with it. I follow a very careful maintenance schedule (oil change every 3 track days). You can see from the HTML link details of the trackdays done and the maintenance done on the bike.

The bike was built from a 748 frame and 916 engine. The Frame has got V5 (on Q plate) and can therefore go back on the road of wanted. The bike would just need a speedo and rear lights to qualify for daytime MOT.

Specifications are:

  • Standard 916 engine (compression ratio slightly raised though). Dyno showing 116bhp at the crank.
  • Semi 50mm Termignoni exhaust system
  • Forks upgraded to Showa Titanium nitride coatted from 996S
  • Ohlins Rear shock
  • Complete brake set up coming from a 996 SPS 2000 model including disks. The master cylinder includes bleeding valve.
  • ITG over bell mouths filter
  • Race rear sets
  • STM oil breather plug
  • Carbon Fiber vented mudguard
  • Carbon Fiber chain guard / hugger
  • Carbon Fiber swingarm guard
  • Fork bungees
  • Brainded hoses all round (front and rear brake + clutch)
  • Good quality Glassfiber fairings

Please note that the bike has only done one trackday since full service with Cambelt changed then. This trackday was a wet one so the bike wasn’t pushed much then either. Cams were inspected this summer and one rocker was changed then. All other rockers were clean. Engine is all sound.

Some deltas to mention: some grinding to one forks’ cap prior to me buying them. This does not affect performance, it is just minor cosmetic (you can see it on picts). Heat guard, rear sets, hugger and mudguard show some use, holes have been made in the fairing for bungees. Footpegs L/R are not identical, but a few spare pegs will be given with the bike.

Looking for £3,300 - contact me at:

  • [email protected]
  • 0207 786 4539
    Please note that I won’t be on email from 31st/12 to 8th/01.

For full details have a look at:

Also including a picture of the bike. Many more available if you follow the link:

Beautiful bike, good luck selling it!


We actually met on some trackdays last year!

I am building a SPS/Corsa specs for next year, so need the cash…


Now on Ebay


Happy bidding