Frozen Shoulder


On the back of the Rotator Cuff thread, I was knocked off last June and shoulder is still not right. Went initially and they gave me some exercises to do… Fast forward and went back to the doctor and just got back from the Hospital Physio… they think it not Rotator Cuff, but frozen shoulder and advised to get a steroid injection for the pain…failing that, its an Ultrasound Steroid injection to the targeted area.

Anyone had this done?



I’m no expert but it sounds like remaining injuries might be making it more complicated than a frozen shoulder.

I had frozen shoulder a few years back. No laughing matter, I couldn’t lift my arm more than shoulder height, making dressing an undressing awkward, but worse was occasional jolts - and I could never find a pattern to what would, or would not, cause a jolt - would cause a stabbing pain like a knife thrust into my shoulder blade.

The Physio told me it was a typical frozen shoulder, brought about by who knows what, and would go of its own volition within a few months. He gave me a few exercises - which I don’t think did much - and yes, it did just go over time.

From googling it seems a huge percentage of the population will experience this at some point.

In your case, before messing with steroids, I’d be inclined to get a second opinion.



+1 on the second opinion. and possibly a scan before anything

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Don’t know about frozen shoulder but I had a steroid injection into my shoulder joint.

There was inflammation and the bones were rubbing. Has helped quite a bit with pain when playing squash, on the bike it does still hurt after a while in the saddle but am now looking at my position on bike and the handlebars to see if I can adjust to make more comfortable.



I had an Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injection last summer for a shoulder injury (non bike related). Was quite quick - bit sore for the first few hours, then felt like bliss!



Go and get seen again. I don’t think there’s a link between this and impact injury but my pal just had calcific tendonitis and is in agony after leaving it .