Frosty morning guys! Careful in the car parks!

Careful in the car parks!

Oops. Hit the wrong button.

Fingers totally frozen after riding for 3 hours in the cold!

Some bad frost just outside of London. Central London was okay by night but the M4 was rather frosty, as is Fleet and Bracknell.

Nonetheless, no skidding or problems…till I pulled into a roadside cafe and then started going sideways spinning haywire all over like a motorbike breakdancer! :smiley:

Well managed to save it! Don’t know how, but went into the cafe and found out that my eyes and head were blackened from the dirt on the road at night. Visor smeared with sooty grit falling in the snow or something. Vinegar seems to do the trick.

Now to wait until the ice in the cafe melts before I venture out to that car park…

What a bad day to try to catch a ferry! I knew it was hovering 0 degrees but it fell to -1C overnight most places here…and missed it.

Sorry for the rant. Well not really :smiley:

yeah rob watch out for them car parks:P

Can’t win with them…

I got a £120 parking ticket in one the other day…

Guess I’d better move before the wardens come around this one. If they don’t slip on the ice lol…

If i can negotiate yesterdays one then bring em on:D

Lol - Is this a personal joke between you and Kato, Rob?

Personal jokes = FTL! :smiley: