Frontiers Logo

Does anybody know where i can get the Yamaha Wimbledon Frontiers logo in better resolution ? Searched Google for 2 Hours but found nothing except that small picture in the archives of londonbikers…

What exactly are you after? Frontiers has been closed for years (the lettering on the glass of their windows advertises the new 2003 models!). I doubt you will find much larger than what you have if it is that specific logo. There is still a bloody big logo above their vacant shop at Wimbledon Chase. Go and photograph it.

thanks but theres a small problem… i live in Germany :smiley: I’ve seen the logo on a banner in a pub near the nürburgring in germany when i visited the “Rock am Ring” festival this year. Thought this would be great in my garage.

The logo on top of the shop is a wide landscape format and doesn’t include the motorcycle silhouette so may not be what you want.

You can see it on Google Streets. Go to Wimbledon Chase Station, London Road, Merton and head about 100 metres NE and it is on the north side of the road.

If you want to get decent copies of logos the best way would be to contact the company in question and get permission to get a high res jpeg from the graphic design company that designed the logo and hold the original artwork - unfortunately as mentioned Frontiers went kaput a while back so that’s probably not possible.

I’ve been looking for the motorcycle silhouette.Would be pretty hard to find the company that designed that artwork. Thought there were some old banners around on ebay but theres nothing to find. Anyway… thanks for your suggestions !