Front Wheel B*ggered!

Saw this chap come off last night - appears to be front wheel failure - especially as he didn’t hit anything - it just fell apart in front of me!



thats another reason why suzuki are beter than yamahas but i cant talk ride one myseft

hope the guy is ok

did you find out the damage to him and his bike

Blimey! Poor bloke how scary is that!

How was the rider, looks like it could have been very nasty :confused:

He went down right in front of me and bounced over the road for about 20 meters - it was on the M25 St Albans Roundabout so very busy - my first thought was to stop the traffic so I waved everyone to stop… at which point a couple of car drivers stopped to help to - the guy was really shaken but he stood up and we moved the bike off the road so the traffic could flow. Ambulance happened past and the guy has what looks to be nasty burns where his jacket rode up on his side and possible a couple of broken ribs - he seemed okay though - I took these shots for him as he didn’t have a camera - pretty nasty that one though.


Jesus, you wouldn’t want that to happen! Hope the rider’s okay, looks very bad. Nice one for helping out! Surprised some drivers stopped, most dont give a damn I find, unless they’re bikers themselves.

Bloody hell, thats very bad, wonder why the wheel just fell apart? Glad the guy is ok ish…

nice to have you back as weel nsj71

Sheeet, that does not look good. Hope he sues the crap out of Yamaha for that one.

Bloody hell!

Blimey… that’s slightly fooked eh! Glad the guy’s ok…

Surely he could’ve saved it ?

Looks a nightmare, and it would be interesting to know the story of that wheel. Stress fracture?

Dammmmmmmmm !!!..

what ythe hell would cause that at normal road speed ??..Metal Fatigue ?

Chuffster ???

That looks terrible Matt! Sorry you had to see it mate

Wow, that’s frightening, One can only assume that the wheel had been accident damaged at some time but those breaks are clean and show no sign dirt getting into stress fractures or corrosion from the inside. If I had a Thundercat, that pic would make me decidedly nervous!

Good point

God knows

M25 Roundabout into St Albans…

The bend in the rim is where he bounced off the kirb after the wheel feel apart.

I would have thought - he didn’t hit anything before it collapsed.

I am that rider!

As the picture shows, the front wheel collapsed, then threw me.

I’ll just say i didn’t hit any kerbs the day it happened or before.

I have no broken bones but very badly bruised ribs and left side of my body.

I’ve had the bike from new, so know the complete history.

At the moment the insurance people don’t seem to want to chase Yamaha, so i might have to do it myself, any idea’s?

So check your front wheels!!!

Thanks for all car & bike riders that stopped!