Front panel year?

Hi, I bought a graphics kit as I’m tarting up my 525 exc, the bike is 2006 but the front headlight number board is a different year so the graphic didn’t fit, could someone tell me what year and model it is so I can re order the front graphic please.

Your front headlight is from exc 2008+ and front mudguard is smr 2008+ :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, will inform said graphics dude.

I sent the wheels to SFX for re-anodising gold and new spokes :w00t:

Can not wait to see what you do to it, MadDog’s and ASBO’s exc’s have serious competition now :cool:

I’m not going mad on it bro, just a full graphics kit, recon wheels and new alloy sump guard, this is just a play bike not a project bike (yet :w00t:)

yes, yes … :wink:

Why do you need alloy sump guard ? planning extreme enduro ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the one you have is much better, quick release is handy for that often oil changes. I heard that metal ones vibrate and are noisy.

I have one you can have F.O.C. , Aluminium bash-plate left from my 520 exc but should fit 525 exc too, in good condition ( I think one clip is missing ).


I bought the G-IT sump guard, looks cool and only one front bolt, I might come across a high curb! :w00t:

While we’re talking about new bits, where can I get a resonably priced stainless header pipe?

Are you crazy, MD is going further than me though, although he doesnt have custom graphics :P:hehe:

Whats wrong with your one? I have a standard header you can have cheap if ya like. And if you come along to the BCR on the 6th i can give it ya then, and check out what competition i have ;):hehe:Oh and as for your sump guard, stick abit of rubber along the frame where the guard sits to stop it rattling

The header pipe is looking a little “weathered” I just wanted a nice shinny stainless steel item :w00t:

Ha ha, mines just a play bike too :wink:

Any one wants that aluminium bash-plate ?

Driesie, that’s from 520 so will fit your bike perfectly :slight_smile:

Just get abit of elbow grease and give it a clean up, much cheaper

I’ll get it chromed :w00t:

well mr drb in retaliation to that comment me and Asbo have up’d the bling bling :w00t: I also have a very empty wallet and sitting here thinking I’m crazy for spending what I just did:D

I was bullied into my purchase by MD, he is evil :stuck_out_tongue: And well i couldnt stop, going back for another look too :w00t:

Judging by your posts in for sale section of ktm forum, looks like you guys building racing spec machines :slight_smile:

Ha ha… look at my FB :wink: When will it all stop, its till a toy to be abused though :smiley:

I just bought a Titanium header pipe :w00t:

But will it fit your slip on can cos the header is a bigger bore it think…