Front fork

Well just test driven the Bandit after putting new steering head bearings, it now rides brilliantly compared to before and I am well chuffed.

Pulled the bike into the garage and noticed oil on the fork leg…how depressing or what?

Can’t think this is a result of anything I’ve done when having the forks off but perhaps I’m wrong.

Is this just the forks settling after they’ve been off or am I going to have to take them all out again to do the seals, not a nice thought as I don’t really want to dismantle everything again when I thought I could just get on and enjoy riding it now?

if its leaking from the seal then your going to need a new one…

may as well do both while your at it or you may have to take it apart again!!

unless you knocked the the stanction, and put a nic in it thats done the seal then it just bad luck

Cheers Adz.

Just unlucky I reckon.

Will do them both.

Does it need any special tool or is it fairly easy to do yourself.

like most things once you have done it its not that hard…

you will need an air gun or some means of counter holding the damper rod to undo the bolt at the bottom of the fork.

some measuring equipment

a vice, a fork seal driver or a good flat punch some bits of wood and the old seal as a driver.

one third of the labour costs to do the work is taking the forks out and re fittting them.

you could also take them out take them to a shop.

You can make a holding tool for the damper rod by carving a square on the top of a broom handle or alternatively get a workshop to undo the bottom bolts for you.The rest is easy-peasy:)This video should give you an idea of the job involved. They do seem to make light work of the bottom bolt though;)

Thanks for that.

Going to go in my cold garage now and take the forks off and then ponder what’s best.

Just wondering if it’s possible to undo the bottom bolt whilst the forks are still on the bike, wouldn’t this make it easier?

I don’t think it will work as you’d need the spindle in place to prevent the sliders twisting and this gets in the way of the bottom bolts. I’ve done this countless number of times and never been lucky enough to get the bottom bolts undone without a plunger holding tool. Good Luck :slight_smile:

air gun shifts them 9 out of 10 times chuncky :slight_smile:

We don’t all have posh stuff like you Adz;):smiley:

you can make one out of an egg box, baked bean tin, a wisk and some duck tape mate :slight_smile:

I’m not allowed Duck Tape since Mrs CM’s Chrissy Prezzie was done up with it a while back;):smiley: