front facing camera vans...... hmmm! advice please

Hi All,
Nice to see a bit of sun. I need your advice, I’ve got this wart thing… No only joking…
In all seriousness I was going into London on the A3 this morning and after entering the 50 limit there was a sly little camera van on the hard shoulder under a bridge. I was riding towards it, can they still do ya? what do they do see a red light flash in the van and then wait for you to pass them and take your number plate? I was not going nuts or anything speed wise just a little over… has anyone seen them before ? if so whats the score… if you havent seen them then watch out guys and girls… the A3 is hot at the moment as always!!!

hope to see you’s again at the cubana soon…


I would suggest that unless they got your speed and plate in the same shot that they couldn’t do you. I love forward facing specs speed cameras, in fact I love all forward facing speed cameras, I bet some where there is an entire archive of bikers gesticulting at these cameras.

on the way into Brighton at Preston park there’s a conventional Gatso that’s probably got some nice snaps of someone who looks just like me and rides an indentical bike in identica leathers to me wrong side of the road giving it the middle finger with both hands lol

cheers guys,
I am sure they will have us all wearing a forward facing number plate on our heads next, you know sort of slows us down as well (which can be argued is not such a bad thing :o)

had to add that last bit as I would not want people to think that I ride faster than the law permits.


I’ve heard of them nipping out the back of the van to note your plate so you still need to be careful.

Down to the operator from what I hear. If you’re taking the piss then they’ll run forward and check the plate as you pass. I have also seem ones with a CCTV camera as well so they could match up the evidence and CCTV I’m sure.

Best be on the safe side

They don’t need to have the plate in the same picture, or at all. As I understand it they can turn around & note your plate as you pass.

I’d like to see them hold that up in court. Without the plate, there’s no evidence, surely! The ‘note’ of a civilian means nothing.

Ah, you may have a point, I was assuming it was a cop in the van.

Haven’t the foggiest about this stuff … Pork Scratchin or Darrylj may be able to give a helpful hint !

Interesting, I’ve only ever seen enforcement on the A3 twice and I come that way most days - do you think they’re jacking up the presence there? where else have you seen them?

I’m afraid I can’t help you with this particular question, but if you travel out beyond the M25 on the A3 make sure that you keep an eye out at the A245/Cobham exit - I’ve often seen speed traps on the bridge and sometimes an additional car on the other side of the junction ready to hunt down naughty speeders!