Front Break Issues

I have recently bought a CBR 600F (Saturday) and am now having problems with it. Luckily i bought it from Doble’s so it is under warranty. Basically after purchasing it on Sat on the way home the front brakes started making a “whirring” noise every time i applied the breaks, the harder i applied them the louder the noise became. It is the same sort of noise a push bike makes sometimes when you applied the breaks and the rim slides through the brakes. I took the bike back immediately and they looked it for the best part of two hours. The then said they wanted to keep hold of it cos they couldn’t stop the noise.

Today they delivered my bike to me and so when i got home i took it for a blast round Edenbridge and Sevenoaks. From the outset the noise was still there (not happy)! I also noticed when i was riding it that the brake fluid level dropped to about half / three quarters. When i got home this appeared to have returned to full level.

Can anyone please help as i am one step away from losing it with Dobles as i cannot believe they have sent the bike back with the same problem.

One final question - there was a bit of grey gunk on the fairing at the bottom by the stand (below the front of the chain) when i parked it after my ride. Is this normal or should i just add it to my list for Dobles??

All help / advice will be much appreciated.

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