From West sussex to Devon

Well i just arrived back this afternoon, after collecting my beautiful Tiger 955i from Destination Triumph in Washington on Sunday i headed out at midday on the A29 Onwards towards the A27, M27, A31, A35,M5, AND A381 towards Exeter. What a great ride and oppertunity this gave me to get used to the trumpet and feel how she handled. I was really impressed by the performance, comfort and sound of the bike, although shes a 955, it doesnt feel stupidly fast, and i love the low down torque she has.

I headed along the motorway at a fair rate of knots, the weather protection pretty good, although the screen is gonna have to be changed as it caused me a lot of neck ache as i got buffeted from the winds. Tank range on fuel is fantastic, 24 litres, only topped up twice. Tyres (metzler tourances) hold up well quite grippy, lights very bright too, so all in all very very pleased.

However the tiger is going back in to Triumph next week as the head bearings need replacing, and the idle is too low, its covered under the warranty so once thats done i shall be planning a few more trips!.

i Managed to get to Exeter by 4pm, had a quick stop off for fuel before heading to Dads, Spent most of the time chillin out and testing the bike. Ah well back now, off to bed soon, 746 miles in total, not bad for 3 days…


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