From the big sand pit

Thought id drop by and say hi from the big sand pit so…

Hi all :slight_smile:

If anyone has a giant fridge, or well an under counter one will do, that i can fit in please send it out to me :laugh:

All is well at the mo. Cant give you any juicy gos obviously but i may setup a blog which ofcourse will get vetted before any info goes up on it. But not so sure how much time i’ll have to keep one going inbetween down time and working and everything else that goes on out here. We shall see.

If anyone does want to send out any goodies for the dog or me :wink: or even for the whole dog section then i’ll give you my address, ofcourse you’ll have to be vetted by other LBers first :w00t:

Im led to beleive parcels upto 2kg are free to send :smiley:

Oh and one last thing any young fit girls want to send me mail feel free :Wow:

Good to hear you’ve settled in mate. Have you tried finding the local fridge mech from the Royal Engineers and asking him to rig up an iso container for you?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope the dogs aren’t suffering too much with the heat… Keep low and move fast! :wink:

PM the details & we’ll send the dog a bone:)

Glad to know you’re allowed to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Stay safe :kiss:

Yeah i can keep intouch while im on this camp but wont be so easy when im licenced and out on the ground.

Get my new pooch tomorrow, suposedly he is a tasty little **** that bites people including his handler :w00t: