From Spain...

wasnt gonna post these…but a few peeps have asked about it so here it is…

it wieghed 146lb and was a little over 6ft long…caught on squid…river ebro northern spain:D





I was pretty sure it was in Spain. I saw something similar in TV.

well done


That is one scary looking mahoosive fish!!

Pretty huge fish!

  1. What type of fish is it?

  2. What did it taste like?

Its a wels catfish mate…

i have no idea…i NEVER eat what i catch, i like to see then swim off…:slight_smile:

Nice catfish, did it mind sharing your bath?

They pull some mumahs out of the Ebro.

thats a whole lota fish!

What only one was it then :D:D

Nice fish



i was the first to get one over a 100+…4 of us went…we all went for that…a 100+ cat…so i sat out till my mates got one…next one was about 20-30 fish later!! doh! all good tho, its what friends do, i love seeing my mates catch a good fish, we all wroked as a team.

one mate came home without a 100+'er tho :frowning:

oh yes…going back sooon…got a PB to beat!:smiley:

Sounds and looks like you had a great time. will chat about it next time I see you


awesome time mate…loved it…

defo fella, catch up soon!:slight_smile:


BIG Muthaf*cka :w00t:

The fish fool…The fish :smiley:

Did it try to bite you Ratman?


Play it some DnB to shut it up.

puupy- you bugger!:smiley: i knew it would come up!

afro- nah man they are very very docile on teh bank, tho with them being so big its a team effort for pics!!

yeah should have played it some d’n’b!!

few more pics for ya…




holy crap, you could get inside that bad ass.

Hey WOW thats a big fish !! WELL DONE :smiley:

Funny, I was gonna say that, time to hit the gym Ratty!! :wink:

I watched a bit of Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing program on TV on Saturday that showed him fishing for the Wels Catfish on the Ebro, those buggers are huge!! :w00t:

Cracking tan you picked up in Spain there fella :stuck_out_tongue: