Frith Street

For what it’s worth, the SV crew arrive from 6pm onwards and have done so for the past 5 years. We are always there before anyone else. So basically bikes arrive from 6pm.


Have spent as much time as possible trying to help, but this link doesn’t help our cause, at least if you know about you can be fore armed.

There is little more then that on line. A bibliophile may be more help, as they would undoubtedly know of any books with reference to this area. You may also wish to email the usual bike rags who may have some information in their archives.

Hehe nice to see Paivi getting some in…

Sadly it is an encounter I can all too easily imagine.

Thanks for the heads up on this it could be used for us in a odd kind of way by getting the parking companies to work with us insted of against us (well may be)

Famous in my own little way!

Have ya tried contacting/getting info from the 59 club?

If they aint got anything they might have members remembering stuff from frith st yrs back.

I know it prob not wot we want but might be better if the meet is an organised 1 with help from pepes of certain sites, clubs and organisations with marshalls etc, if so the council may suspend parking or summat on fri nights, you never know, lol. Also been organisewd in said way will deter some pepes but them pepe are prob the 1s fucking if up.


i know it not much but found this review, mentions motorbikes etc:

Will see wot else is out there, lol.

Nice One it ALL helps m8

Hi Everyone…

I’ve signed up to your forum specifically for this thread It’s a subject I feel strongly about though I’m not at Soho as often as I’d like these days.

Like Big Ape, I’m from the SV Forum… and have been going to Frith St. for about 18 months now. We all meet there, and it’s part of the weekend for many of us - despite separate Forums, I hope we can all work for a common cause. It would be a tragedy if this meeting were stamped out - it’s a benefit for the bikers, the tourists, and the local trades alike.

It seems to me that things were fine until the Westminster Traffic Wardens started getting anxious about delivering their ticket quotas. Their tactics involved issuing tickets incorrectly, and not serving them on the vehicles/riders which resulted in a few £100 overdue fines. For some, these were overturned, but only after considerable effort.

As a result, bikers had to start covering their plates to avoid this kind of behaviour… and now the local Plod is involved - unsurprisingly. The PC wandering around last night, with 3 wardens in tow, was specific and to the point - go away. He was reasonable… he could have ensured those present were issued tickets immediately, as well as the Fazer that entered Frith St. the wrong way.

For some history of the area, and the bike meets there, the regulars will surely know Dennis (and his pockets of Fosters). I’m sure he’d have a few things to say, given a more sober moment.

Something that annoys me about the rightious Wardens, is that they’re enforcing parking restrictions on a double yellow line that is practically invisible. It’s a technicality I know, but it really is pathetic. They can make an income from it, but they can’t be bothered to play fair - on any level.

Of course, there are some that turn up and spoil it for everyone. If backfires and burnouts are perceived as part of our meet… then afraid we don’t stand a chance.

Mike - all the best of luck with this, you have many people behind you, that I’m certain will help in any way they can!