Frith Street

In the next few weeks I am going to try to set up a meeting with the council, police, local residents associations and local traders of Frith St to see if this can be solved amicably without one of London’s bike meets disappearing for good.

Before this I need some information about the bikes in Frith Street e.g. When bikes started to meet in the street, How long Frith Street has been a bike meeting place, stories from people who used to go to Frith Street from the Mod’s and Rocker’s era, the problem is it has to be documented information that can be presented to the above bodies as word of mouth will not cut it

Any positive help and contributions would be appreciated.

Nice one dude!

Thanks for taking the initiative here. Good luck with it. If you are successful we will buy you a drink or two or three!!!


I am surreptitiously looking up info for ya and will pm you with anything I get.

Thanks for the support so far yes I know it’s only three people out of 700 and odd members but its a start. I am deff that the other 700 and odd members will want to help at some stage !!!

Let me know if you need any help with this, Mike; would give me a chance to spend more quality time with you…

I was thinking that there would be two places where we might get this info quite easily: Bar Italia itself, as well as the Ace. The Ace might have contact details for some of the boys who were active already in the 50s and 60s, as they have had reunions there.

Good idea help yes please

Hi, Mike! I can’t remember which album it is on, but Neil (ZX9) mentioned that the bikes parked up at Bar Italia are part of the song lyrics for an older song. Ask him when you see him at the Ace. Surely, that goes some way towards making it historic .

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Cheers M8 I am try’in to get as much bike orientated info about the area as poss recent, old. new etc. etc

Well done for taking up the challange Mike, all the best with it, you have our support!

Well done mike! Just let us know what you will need

Cheers folks what I need is info lots of it e.g. Head of police for that area and info on bike meets in Frith Street

I have just contacted Bar Italia Scooter Club and the Busy Bee for info on earlest meets at Frith hope to get some good info back

Mike, this is great … if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know!

Keep me up to speed on this, please.

I heard about this place through this forum and it was one of my must do’s this year, & thats to go and hang out there in the summer days and chill through the evening. IT CANT GO YET! ! ! Get the reason and lets all rectify this matter ASAP…

Just a quick update I have had some very positive responces from a few of the people I have emailed so far Bar Italia Scooter Club etc, etc so it looks like it is full steam ahead. Anybody know who is the MP for that area of Soho three are listed but I need to find the one who’s political ward Frith Street comes under ?

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thanks for the link head way is being made we are now down to setting up meetings with the right bod I will keep all posted