frith st

went to frith st friday.iwas talking to a few friends of arnie ,:slight_smile:

Hey they waiting for some one???:hehe: who?

i know the bloke on the right of the photo, is he on this site, ?

Lol, forgot about this :stuck_out_tongue: The guy on the right had the pleasure of meeting our very own Arnie recently!!!

What you took him tesco’s:hehe::laugh:

I know the bloke on the left, they call him “inch”…:slight_smile:

oh that episode, i used to work with him :wink:

The guy on the right did have quite alot to say about our very own Arnie, he also did say that he would register to have some fun with our Polish friend, not sure if he has or not though:P

he is a bit straight to the point, i will mail him at work and get him on here for a some abuse LOL

Not a single comment yet about the odd looking bloke in the middle . . . he looks like he was called to Tesco’s to investigate a disturbing scene in the jazz mag section . . . and hadn’t fully recovered :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 - looks like they’re letting anybody join the police these days ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, the guy in the middle was just a guy promoting some new drink, he was just dressed in a poilice type high viz, with zombie looking face paint, looked like an extra out of Shaun of the Dead :stuck_out_tongue:

He told us his name was sawn off :smiley:

as opposed to your other name…Arfur = Arfurninch n few wrinkles :smiley:

yep i now agree with them T.J.F. :slight_smile:

does anyone know where he pulled me ? I can’t remember… there was to many of them so far :slight_smile:

think it was camden :slight_smile:

I see on it shows you have mirrors on:):slight_smile: and a nice numberplate fitting:):slight_smile:

I would seriously love to have the balls to put my number underneath like that, or maybe I should get myself a Flip Plate.

I’m thinking it’s more likely that “Inch” is short for “Inch Eye Private Eye”!.. :stuck_out_tongue: