Frith St/Chelsea Bridge

So… no more Chelsea Bridge or Frith Street on a friday night!!! Have all of our civil liberties been curbed in this nanny state that we appear to be living in to the extent that a few bikers who want to go for a ride and then hang out and chill aren’t allowed to do so anymore!

Just been in Amsterdam with “Vegas”, and it seems as with all other major European cities such as Madrid for example, that people are generally given the freedom to do what they want to do as long as they don’t interfere with anyone else!

Not in the great, magical city that is London though! Do a load of bikers sat on Chelsea Bridge for a few hours on a Friday night really cause any harm to anyone? Surely even the residents of those new flats on the bridge wouldn’t mind that much (even if they have just paid a couple of mil for a new flat)!

It just seems to me that London is becoming a really really boring city (do this, do that, don’t do this)!!!

Is there anything we as a group can do to re-instate the things we enjoy doing and that have been a part of our heritage and culture for years?1

Just thought I’d get that off my chest! Any views would be welcomed! Peace!

Yeah this is because some nutters rev their engines that will even wake the dead…its out fault. Also no one cares about bikers they think we are grown up kids.

The problem is that the rules are being broken by us - even if it is only minor stuff like parking or the major thing that spoils it for all of us - stunting.

My Brother and I have discovered a little side street that is very busy with lots of passing eye candy, directly outside a Starbucks (with more coffee shops round the corner) and a good few busy pubs. I’ve been there the last couple of Friday nights and it is busier early on with people then gets a bit quieter. Very pleasant place to chill and watch the world go by. There is loads of free parking here after half 6 - no grief or threat of parking tickets.

Smiled and a couple of the guys joined us Friday Night. Dunno what they thought but it’s right in the middle of the West End and easy for everyone.

I’ll probably be going again Friday night so if anyone wants to know where drop me a pm - not gonna post up as I don’t know who else reads this - having incurred the wrath of the authorities before - I ain’t doing it again.