Friends bike in Trinidad

My friend just had his bike resprayed in Trinidad and whilst people might not like paint scheme (colours of the local beer) I wa simpressed with the work.

Nice, like the colour too

youre right… dont like the color scheme :stuck_out_tongue: but nice work…

Aahhh wish I was back home on the beach with a bottle of carib! shame the roads are utter crap would hate to ride a bike out there. nice paint job BTW :slight_smile:

Very nice paint job, and very nice beer!

I wouldn’t recommend that he ride it through Laventille though :hehe:

Love it! :smiley: Awesome job done there

ha ha obviously some people here have been to my country!

No I wouldnt go through Laventille on it but there are good roads you just have to know where to go. The road to LasCuevas at 7:00am on a Sunday morning is amazing and is some of the best riding I have ever done. Not many rides end with the below…and a bake and shark on the way home …love it!

Or all the way up to Grande Riviere :w00t: I took a maxi taxi from Port of Spain and was wondering what it would be like to ride those roads, a crosser would probably be best. Beautiful place though and people were brilliant. Saw baby turtles hatching one morning at the beach, best experience I ever had! Also visited Tobago and stayed in Castara, a small fishing village in the north of the island. Great holiday and fond memories :slight_smile:

Don’t you miss it superoli?

Edit: Just found the picture :slight_smile:


Love the turtle pic!! That must have been a great experience, seeing those.

There is a track that leads from Charlotteville to Parlatuvier - just up the coast from Castara - which would be awesome to do on dirt bikes. I did it once in a hired Suzuki Vitara (hired from “Rollocks Car Rentals” - love that name :hehe: ) during the rainy season, incredible experience.

As if the scenery and 4x4 action (through gigantic muddy puddles) wasn’t enjoyable enough, we rounded a bend and found ourselves face to face with probably the most beautiful girl (aged about 18) I had ever seen up to that point - stark naked, having a shower under a track-side waterfall. She just smiled and waved, made no attempt to cover herself up.

Sadly, my gf at the time was with me :hehe:I stayed in Laventille for a couple of weeks. People were very friendly but the reputation is not a good one :hehe:

Yes, it definitely was! I couldn’t believe how many were coming out of the ground, waddling really quickly to get to the sea :w00t: There were loads of vultures too, trying to have them for breakfast. We did guard the little fellas to safety though :slight_smile:

I think I know which track you mean. We came across it (also in a little 4x4) to get to the nature reserve. The scenery is absolutely stunning, especially the water falls. Sadly we didn’t get to enjoy beautiful ladies having a shower stark naked though :w00t:

From the sounds of it we should organise an alternative to a curry night that LB does!!!

Shark and bake is awesome, but nothing beats a spur of the moment cook on the beach with a ice box of carib and a bottle of Royal Oak to wash it all down!!

dam…suprised so many people been there. Nature girl yes I do miss it and the plans is to move back there at the end of 2012, I do lot of trail bike riding down there when I go back and see some stunning scenery.

By the way forget Royal Oak get yourself a bottle of 1919 (oddbins sell it) amazing rum. Below is from January this year…No Mans Land, Tobago

Not surprised you do trial biking there, it’s prime country for that! We had such a blast in T&T, one of the most memorable holidays I’ve been on and I have travelled the world a fair bit. I fell in love with the people. So welcoming, gentle and genuinely nice. Got introduced to Puncheon. That stuff is lethal!!! And the rotis at Sherma’s in Castara on a Wednesday are legendary, yum! We enjoyed so many parties with locals, dancing on the streets and drinking way too much! And I probably heard the filthiest Reggae in my life :smiley:

Here are some more pics, hope they don’t make you home sick…

  1. English Man’s Bay - Tobago 2. Grande Riviere, Trinidad 3. Nature Reserve - Tobago


Great photos, they bring back very happy memories. I did a lot of scuba diving over there and off Speyside had some of the greatest experiences of my life, diving with gigantic manta rays over twenty feet wide, next to the biggest brain coral in the world, absolutely wonderful.We were due to go back there in 2008 but the travel company we booked with, Travel City Direct, went bankrupt two days before we were due to fly out :crying:

That put us off foreign holidays so now we go to Cornwall :hehe:

Ha ha, sad to say since I married a Guyannese girl I have defected on the rum front - but yes 1919 is good, El Dorado 15yr is better!!! As for the Puncheon Rum well let’s leave that exactly where is should be - in the rum shop under the counter!

Oh no! Sorry to hear that…

Guess what happened to us when we where out there - we flew with a budget airline (Freedom Flights) into Tobago and whilst there, they went bust!!! We were in Trinidad when Lehman Brothers went down and all hell broke loose. Luckily we were rescued by Virgin Airlines a couple of days later and pretty much got an upgrade for free :smiley:

Never, ever will I fly budget again to such a far away place, even if the tickets only cost us around £800 for two people/return. It’s not worth the hassle when things go wrong. The only reason why we got a free return flight with Virgin was because we booked the tickets through an online broker. Other passengers who booked directly with Freedom Flights had to pay for their return with other tour operators because the airline wasn’t ATOL protected :crazy:

:D:D:D I’m no rum connoisseur myself, more of a wine drinker, but even I thought that that stuff can’t be any good. Surely it can take paint of a bike/car :pinch:

when I was home for Christmas I ahd friends drinking Puncheon with redbull …WTF! :w00t:

Chick, that looks A W E S O M E!

I remember being on a beach with no other humans in range for 20 miles…

Where’s that matey?