Friendly MOT testers?

Can anyone recommend an MOT tester who may be sympathetic to Harley Screaming Eagle pipes? My local Yam dealer was a bit funny about the Beowulf on my Fazer (with baffle in) so don’t think I’ll go to him.

Let’s face it - we all know loud exhausts save lives…:wink:

Thanks all


try a harley dealer?

you might want to try Eaglespeed garage in Wood Green, Steve the owner is very nice, cracks a joke everytime while doing the Mot. Not sure though how far from you Wood Green is …

Thanks Cheekychic - a ride away is better than trying to sort out alternative pipes. Do you have contact details?

Matt: I think an HD dealer is likely to be just as fussy - especially as non-standard pipes attached.

I had gixxer done with a loud exhaust at chas bikes - bloke said he isn’t concerned about pipes as long as rest of bike is good condition

seemed quite flexible on small plates too !

Try Goodmans Autos Borehamwood, Always MOT my bikes there great service. Are bikers themself.

Rear Of 16-20 Shenley Road Borehamwood WD6 1DSTel: 0208 953 3005[email protected]

APC Motor Services have always passed my V-Rod with screamin’ eagles fitted… they are at 314 Eastcote Lane, HA2 9AH 0208 4233122

Thanks a lot everyone. Your suggestions are much appreciated. :slight_smile:

How are they for barely legal (maybe) rear tyres? :smiley:

I didn’t think that loud pipes were a fail anymore?? As long as it hasn’t got not for road use (or words to that effect) stamped on it then it’s just an advisory.

Try Ural’s right near Brands Hatch or 2Strok in Dartford

a race pipe isnt a straight fail unless it has not for road use/race use only on it, but it can still fail due to excessive noise at the testers discretion.

our old MOT tester was deaf in one ear :smiley:

sorry Sid just got round to checking this thread. Eaglespead garage are based on Wood Green High Road towards Green lanes which lead to the A406/Palmers Green. Need to find the fone number so I can give you it, bear with me a mo

They can certainly fail it for noise. My old CB500 failed for noise and passed when they put the baffle in but passed with the baffle in. They put that it was exceptionally noisy on the notes even with the baffle in.

The test is if the tester feels that the exhaust is lauder than a bike in standard condition, if there isn’t one there for comparison then it falls to tester discretion, as with any testable item if the tester can read / see not for road use then it would be an instant fail. Try Highcross MOT,Highcross Road Southfleet


I used them recently too.