Friendly bunch

Just a little thank you to the LB’ers at the Ace this evening that made us feel welcome. Always daunting being a newbie and going up to people and basically butting in their conversations by saying ‘Hi’…but we did it this evening (didn’t spend too long standing around on our own looking like complete tw*ts!).

Nice to put faces to names:

Ratty46, Ginger, Shewoolf, Ang, Steve Wright, Stacey, Fishface, Georgey Boy, Mark, Steve, Arnie

Cheers guys, look forward to seeing you again, prob BMM next Wed :slight_smile:

Dudette & Captain Chaos (Him)

Nice to meet you both as well, although I have definitely seen you around :smiley: Look forward to seeing you out and about with us lot.

Hey i breifly saw you too, Shewolf introduce us. I was with my little boy.Nice to meet you hope fully will see you again. yes it is nice to finally put name to the faces :slight_smile:

Yea! Come on the Putney Our Price massive!

was good meeting you :slight_smile:

nice to meet u all :slight_smile: