Fridge Repair?

Does anyone have recommendation for someone who can repair a fridge freezer? Motor runs constantly but it doesn’t get cold.

How old is the Fridge?

At least 10 years old. It’s in a rented flat so I have to go down the repair route before I order the smeg.

Sorry to say a fix is unlikely to be economical. One of two things has happened; you’ve got a leak and it requires a regas, or the compressor has had it. Either failing for any length of time will have considerably shortened the lives of all other components I imagine

Best bet is to get some written quotes from AC centres for an estimate on a fix (with no intention of accepting, you just need a number) to present to your landlord/lady. They will go no way that’s outrageous, we’re getting a new one.

I recently bought a new fridge, it was a couple of years old Samsung american style fridge and picked it up for £300. Given the cost new, I was reasonably happy with that. I buy the vast majority of appliances, and well everything, used because of the extra quality I can fit in my budget

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Thanks mate. Great advice. I’ll get a hefty quote organised.