Not quite true,

At frith street from 7 until 11.30.

At the bridge from 11.40 until 12.15

but agreed not much happening.

(you wasn’t the cbr600f grey/black or gsxr 600 red, parked up were you?)

Cheers Mark


I was on the Cbr 600F mate, this one -, but at Frith St there was also another older 600F in darker colours.

I had a black Arai lid & black jacket.

Sorry if I didn’t say Hi and you were there, am a shy lad !

ok smilled, sounds like a good idea, i know the ace but have never done the frith st thing so maybe over the next couple of weeks we can sort it out.

naa trojan…was off…but my airline is getting a fleet soon…ohh joy…more work to doo…

altho…i am keen to look at the gym inside and will take full advantage of the bar when we start our training for it…

and i cant see any of them taking off on time either…its bad enough with a smaller load…can you imagine double the load?...


sure thing wolfie…!!!


Benny, if you made it all the way to the Ace, Frith and Chelsea tonight, my hat is most definitely off to you mate. Its crappy wet and rubbish out there tonight my friend and although I maybe gave Jay too hard a time on Wednesday I know tonight is NOT a night to be out burning rubber and meeting up.

Hope you can make other meets pal, use the four stroke dude. TobyWan

wolfie…i live in catford so if any time you feel like a ride,give me a shout dude…

where abouts are you mate, live in Crofton Park near The Crofton Leisure Centre.

Not out tonight still havnt got the number plate out from under the seat


near the mcdonald’s at catford island runt!!!

hey…you guys feel like meeting up this wed?..then we;ll ride up to the cubanna togeather…weather permitting of course…


Indeed, you were parked up next to the Gsxr (red i think) and left before me.

I was on this

but then again no ones fault, I didn’t know you from adam, still if I see you again I’ll give you a shout, and please do likewise.

Cheers Mark.

Definately will do next time mate. Will be at Cubana (work allowing) this Wed.

Alas Iwon’t this week, perhaps next, but I’m always around on a friday.

Cheers Mark.

sorry guys …i didn’t make it out of my drive …not due to the weather but i left the bike in park mode on the stearing lock all nite …and at 4.27am the alarm kept sounding and i could not reset the bloody thing!!

let alone go to work on it friday.

hopefully catch up with you anouther time…wednesday at the cubana

thats a better reason than mine, poxy weather.

Cant ride up with you this week as will be in Blackfriars till 9, but see you over there and maybe ride home