Hello All

is there a meet this friday evening as i have never been to chelsea bridge or frith street. could you let me know what times are the best to arrive and where exactly will you all be?

hi benny i was just going to post exactly the same question. I will be out and about on Friday myself, All dressed up and need somewhere to go.

well benny boy ill be at the ace from about 7-30 to 8 then half 9 or ten ill be heading up the bridge i wont be going frith far too many people and creeping through london traffic while my bike cooks me alive is no fun but keep an eye out for me there should be a few of us as long as the weather is kind

Yes there is…we…meaning LB Members normally post exactly what you two have to drum up a night out…its safe to say that the Ace Cafe is the first port of call and then maybe little groups ride out and do their own thing…like heading to Frith or The Bridge…Last time out myself and a few other Members just lazed about at the Ace then headed off to Chelsea and ended up bumping in to other Members like Jay on one of his Photography Trips…so …you two have already started it it…who,s up for meeting at Ace then heading out for a wander ???

stating here with us three…whos up for it ???

As i live in kent the ace is quite a way ,so if i where to go to the ace what junction do i take off the M25…i have been to the ace but i was following me mate back from ally pally. failing that i will rock up at the bridge…anyone heading in from bromley way?

hi benny

i will be setting of from crystal palace/norwood area, depending on time i might head srtaight for the bridge.

Hey, that’s my neck of the woods (by Selhurst park football ground), but I’ll be off to Frith St at about 7:30 or so, may shoot over to the bridge later.

Cheers Mark.

So Frith’s back on the agenda these days then? Have I missed something? Or have the local parking nazis found somewhere else to terrorise?

Looks like I’m in your neck of the woods too…sunny Sydenham. Went out last friday with a mate on our pre TT ride-out, did the bridge etc so may head out again next fri? Keep me posted


i may nip up to ace for a wee bit…

I think its M11 junction you turn off, and that should bring you right down to north circ (a406)

Yeah, for a few weeks we ( members) met over at Covent Garden, but we’re back, I go down with the early crew, from about 6:30 onwards and are the ones parked up outside Nero’s, get on OK with local plod, none of us enter the wrong way or anything like that (which only annoys them) and unless they’re forced to have a perge get left alone most of the time, been meeting there for about five years now.

Cheers Mark.

or is it M1


Or go around to the M40/A40 and head in that way. At Hanger Lane go north on the NorthCirc and take the first or second off, doesn’t matter which, stay on that side of the NC and follow the tyre smoke.

Well, I went and had a coffee at Frith St … no one there … got wet.

I then went and had a tea at the Bridge … no one there … got wetter.

Was a very quiet night at both places, didn’t make the Ace early on as I was at a mates, can’t blame peeps for not going out though, it’s bloody right horrible out there.

sory things turned out like that. i was sitting in doors ready to ride for two hours and the wet stuff kept coming.

it aint no fun geting wet.

wolfie…i live in catford so if any time you feel like a ride,give me a shout dude…

if im not working i’ll show you the ace and frith…


Well when I say no one, there was about 6 bikes at Frith Street between half ten and eleven and I then went to the bridge for half an hour and there was 4 bikes there … including mine !

Didn’t recognise anyone and being the shy type I didn’t go skipping up to any of them

Little bit different compared to a couple of weeks ago and the good weather !!

i was working mate…otherwise ide been out with ya…

roll on when im not working weekends again…woohooo!!!

tho i did ride home in this crap tonight,and just washed the k6 yesterday…mutha fffff…

not so smiled.

What was it … did you wash the bike or have a bbq today ?

Hope all is well mate and you’re not working too hard.

As I thought … you washed your bike !

Did you get to play with that silly sized plane the other day ?