Friday - Tonight MY 50/50 route.

So as there is not another ride on and the weather is beautiful i have decided to step up.

This is my 50/50 route - its called that as from the dome roundabout (watford) its about 50 miles out and back toward bicester. So 100 mile round trip 120 from the ace…

Great roads and alot of fun.

All big bike riders welcome as pace will be brisk but not stupid.

30 means 30. RIDE AT YOUR OWN PACE!!!

Leaving the ace at 7pm at the bus stop.

Cornerman system. All smiling bikers welcome, no late over takers or undertakers!!

Back to the Ace for tea and cake and to watch others break the law and risk there lives in order to have fun!

Really wish I wasn’t on this train now sounds great try and do one during week.



Rix, You need to give me more warning. Funnily enough I have ANOTHER exhaust issue… :Whistling:

I might even remember the way to Bisto. Took some concentrating, but I found my way there on my Worcester trip. :slight_smile:
Next November, when you’re all huddled round moaning that “We never really had a summer”, and " We just haven’t had the weather for rideouts" I will be bumping this thread. Conditions could not be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

A police strike and some pit girls… Just saying :laugh:

I can get you some pit girls… they’ll be models* too!

*most recent shoot was for Tena Lady over 60s

I dont do hand me down’s!!!:smiley:

Ended up as 50/50/50 for me. :smiley:

Great dash, some fantastic roads, and sorry to Alex Gold for leaving you behind.

Just as well I peeled off, lights were like tea candles when I got home, bike stuttered to a halt 10 yards from my front door.
Bloody good evening though, love that route :smiley:

What up with the exhaust Brett?

I’ve built a couple…

Love that route, its fantastic.

Off to the beach to day :wink: