Friday Song!

If you go down to the Ace tonight, you’re sure to get a surprise.
If you go down to the Ace tonight, you’ll never believe your eyes.
For every LBer that ever there was
Is likely to be there this evening because
Today’s the day, that Kishan forgot, it’s Biiiiiiiike night!

Where’s our usual Friday reminder Kish? :slight_smile:

ha ha ha ha! you’re on form this morning!

h aha the suprise is i wont be there tonight im going over the mrs place and staying the night there sorry lads

So Kish, if you say you’re not going to be there does that mean that you’ll change your mind and actually turn up :wink:

ha ha not tonight wont be changing my mind spending quality time with the mrs tonight i might be there next friday as she is working late then

Haha like it.

No Ace for me bike needs cleaning, it got wet too this week!

Getting it ready for MOT