Friday Roll Call

I need new kit…just sayin’

Pricetta - So eloquently and aptly put. I’m echoing your sentiment.

Afternoon, interesting start to the day, lost a wing mirror (not filtering or dropping the bike) and thoroughly fed up of London drivers, cyclists and pedestrians…

Packing day.

This is what my house looks like:

Cosy… are you packing up or unpacking?

you working in hanger lane Emma??? well done!!!
and remember to nod in the morning, i’ll be passing by on the other side of north circular at about 9ish every day :smiley:

afternoon you bunch of animals, its friday, the last day of the hell fortnight, i can resume normal service next week. sighing a huge relief in the big red tonight.

yo! Hanger lane! that’s my local. gimmie the nod if you see me.

Ride safe all of you it’s a busy one today.

Yeah… commuting buddy lol

@Slan - packing.
We move in with friend for 2 weeks and then move everything out of storage hopefully around the 13th.

Well done Ink, we’ll be checking up with you what’s in stock to save going round :slight_smile:
Hoggy, didn’t you just move to the country recently? You put a pic of a big garden but never had the BBQ :frowning: