Friday rideout

Morning or afternoon (or both :slight_smile: ) - anyone fancy making use of the last day of quiet roads before the schools are back?

Quite fancy a rideout…post up if you are interested

Right then - will meet at the Box 10 for coffee, 10.30 depart…anyone welcome

tempted :slight_smile:

I should be up for a ride on Friday…

BBC says the weather will be cloudy, if it changes to rain on friday then probably not.

Was just typing +1 when a sharp dig in the ribs from the mistress reminded me that I’m already booked out on a ‘family’ trip, bugger!:stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the next onr for me then.:slight_smile:

Am looking to get out soon , shame im a bit out the way ( East Kent ) , any idea what direction from Box Hill ? The weather i looked at was good until Monday .

Just in case anyone is coming - cancelled - due to a revised contract not yet making it’s way to my door :angry:

Wish they’d hurry up