Friday Nite

A all round good place Poppin’s on the Upper Richmond Road good food good parking starts about 7-30pm a good place to start the nite or end it all the staff are bike freindly bods so come on down or up depen’s on where ya are

The place is now back open this Friday hope to see some bods there

Oh yes it is residental so hold the noise down with the bike rev’in plus ya don’t need to do it as the world and his blind dog can see ya

Thanks Mike. Might check it out!

Can you post up a streetmap link?

Jay ya gotta it would be rude not to

To find the place get on to the Upper Richmond Road and head towards Sheen it’s just past the Sainsbury’s Pappa John’s Pizza is across the road from it all come on down or up errrr what ever

Sainsbury’s is Richmond, Sheen is east, where we talking here?

sounds like a good night? is it every friday ?