Friday Nite

Any one for SoHo Friday Night

see you there same old time remember my birthday present m9

My last friday night in Frith St…

Yep most prolly out.

i will be there too !!!

Will be there

Question or am I missing something LAST FRIDAY In Frith ???

Yupp, I’m selling my bike, hopefully it will be gone till middle next week. And then in few weeks I’m going abroad for some time.

I’ll definitely miss the Frith St though!

Sorry to hear it m8 but happy for ya at the same time just because the bike has gone dont mean no Frith got ta keep in touch with the mob so we can have a propper send off

Poss if it stays dry.

if its the most exciting thing this time of year then why not do it ,see ya friday long as it dont freez

Poss better things to do but it can be manic down there e.g. complete loonacy

It’s a maybe for me … depends how much booze drink whilst out with two young ladies!

(Mike I’ll see u down there for some “strange coughing” antics )

Just hav’in a coffee well the computer is now hav’in the coffee ooooh yes its deff on cough cough slurp I know to most this mean nothing but to those that was there mean a lot