Friday nite at the ace

It was quite suprising to see a bunch of skater boys trading their skateboards and BMX’s for big-boy bikes, but made for an entertaining night. The pad boys made us laugh for hours on end with what they were doing and reminded me of days of misplaced youth.

Guy on a Gixxer looking like Charlie from Fightstar/Busted showing some moves. He was bloody good, and considering he stacked it, he had the presence of mind to just keep on going! Awesome stuff he was doing.

600 yard lolz on a quadbike

I met this dude by a set of traffic lights at Brent Cross… he was rather pissed off by a subaru that was up his arse all the time that he decided to teach it a lesson. I held the subaru back at 30mph whilst he sat up on the tank and put a massive DONK on a spreader wheelie. Placed it down before the speed camera and carried merrily on his way… whilst I ended up going into topshop in Brent Cross lol.

Taken with a flash suppressed point and shoot on auto whilst carrying a lid in one hand and a pint in the other lol!

Nice job with the photos, looks like another busy night down the Ace.

Always find it a pain to take photos down the Ace at night… tried a few times but end up sticking to the video, at least that comes out ok on my camera.

Seems to be mostly the same few regulars trying their luck at the moment I see… the KTM, GSXR and CBR were there the previous week, and the raptor and rider looks similar to one a couple of weeks back.

As for stacks, seems to be a lot of them at the moment, was a pretty substantial one a couple of weeks back, rider on a GSXR SRAD wheelied and overdid it, jumped from the bike and the bike flipped. Rider fine, bike leaking oil into the road so much that London’s finest (Police and TfL) had to deal with it… caused blockages on the road for best part of an hour.


some very nice pics

when they usually doing stuff like that? seems to be a hit and miss… took my missus over one day only to be met by police vans… no one did anything… wasted 2 hours for nothing:( she was looking forard to it and so was I.

Wanna take some friends down to see some crazy stuff…

I always miss out on the goodstuff :frowning:

Friday nights do seem to be very hit and miss… ultimately depends on who is down there and how much presence the police are showing…

Of the times I’ve gone down on a friday recently, one night was pretty quiet (peds) and one night was pretty hectic (peds, quads, half a dozen sports bikes and a supermoto). If it’s going to happen you’ll generally start seeing stuff around 9.00-10.00, on a good night it could still be going at 11, but depends on the turnout.

Also sounds like stuff happens once the ace has wound down for the night (e.g. Smiled et al on ) - in that case a matter of knowing who, where and when… but that’s easier said than done! (Can’t really say any more than that since I’ve not been to any)


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i was there, and know teh idiot that flipped it…oops a daisy:D

shame you only got 1 pic of R1 Alex, he’s the boy…makes the others look very tame;)

The bloke on the R1 was easily the best. Lot’s of control and looks like he’s been doing it a while.
Shame his coolant started overflowing onto his radiator!

thats drb’s old 520exc:w00t: :cool:

I’m going to make a trip to the Ace looks like fun. Just going to watch. :wink:

Im so gutted i missed R1 Alex :frowning: Always wanted to see him stunt.
He is seriously a top guy tho :slight_smile:

Is R1 Alex that dude that dude that did a rolling burnout down the bridge at streetfighters sunday back in 2005? He’s bloody rapid but most of the pics I took of him were in the dark so they didn’t come out right.

I’m sure one of my mates on BCF have got a 6 min video montage of him stunting at that particular streetfighters sunday.

Found the original thread on BCF I think, but the links no longer work. What looks like a “lifted” version of the video posted by someone else is at , although it’s only 3 1/2 minutes.