Friday nights incidents

After reading in the shock the LB news about what happened friday night to David, Matt and Sparky. I want to say to David, Matt and Sparky get well soon. It really makes you feel sick that these things happen

Get well guys.

Yep what terrible news. Get well soon guys.

Very sad news, get well fellas. Hope they find the worthles pices of sh?t and string them up by their balls

Holy ****. Pardon my french.

Get well soon and good on ya for standing up to the forces of evil. Jay - more awards perhaps?

sorry news.

i wish everyone involved, good luck and get well very soon.

any help?, just ask.

I am truly sickened by this and so so sorry and feel for the people involved. Very sad news. My best wishes to those involved and injured hope you get well very soon.

sorry to here about it lads, cant stand fookin bast ards like that.

would write what i though but all you would see is ******* ******* ****** ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ****** ****** ***** ***** ****** ***** ***** ***** ***** *

I feel for all involved and hope you all recover soon, not nice incidents, but unfortunately, this goes to prove what a f*cked up world we live in…

If I can help in anyway, give us a nod…

Hey all, thanks for your kind words. We’re round Foxy’s right now and Matt is here with his feet up, licking his wounds. The Ace Café group has shown brilliant support and we all spent the day together to console our friends over their losses and injuries.

I have to apologise though, LB had planned to attend the final BSB round at Brands Hatch this weekend, but obviously due to last nights and todays events, we’ve had to change plans. We’ll still be covering the event tomorrow, but we won’t be able to offer live coverage. I hope you all understand.

Please look after yourselves and make sure nobody follows you home. I dearly hope this isn’t the start of a trend, as it’ll change the face of biking in London for the worse.

Hey Jay,

Can you wish Matt a speedy recovery from me. Tell him, if he needs any help with his bike to let me know.

Cheers, Sam.

I have only just read this. Im still so shocked! I wish every1 injured to get well soon! Although this was a serious incident, i am still thankful it was no worst.

Anything i can do just let me know

Sorry to hear about it mates get well soon David, Matt and Sparky hope one of us see your bike David

**** news. I posted the story on another forum, hopefully the news will get round and maybe the bike will turn up.

Get well soon guys.


Sad news, was around the ACE group as news of that nights events unfolded, couldn’t contain the shock of it all.

My best wishes to David to be strong and put it all behind to roll in on two wheels soon.

To Matt, ONE OF THE NICEST guys I met on two wheels, always ready and willing to help a fellow biker.

To Sparky, ONE OF THE BEST guy, dad, mate and stunt rider.

Wish you both a speedy recovery.

Thanks to all of us for the unity and support in harsh times…


Only just read what happened - how awful!!!

David, Matt, Sparky and everyone else that got caught up in this attrocity - my thoughts are with you, and I wish you all a speedy recovery from your injurys.

I hope, too, David, that your bike is recovered with all haste!

All the best,

A very bad scene. Just to echo everyone else, get well soon guys and hope the perpetrators get found…

Get well soon lads

That really awful to hear.
I read it and had to join up. I already knew of the site from Jay, from Sportsrider, but since I’m not from London, I didnt see much point of joining!

But I cant believe what has happened. Why cant anyone have some fun without coming to harm. Although the people involved dont want to hear this, but I’m glad you all mad it and your still with us. Dont let it put you off bikes!

I have read something similar, with kids/people on mopeds getting boxed in and then at knife point being made to hand over the keys (this incident was apparently a couple of metres from a police station)

And a bit closer to home, but not as drastic. My cousin bought a brand new GSXR6, and he lives on the outskirts of london, around epsom and sutton. And its a dead end street and weeks coming upto the theft, the alarm kept going off on the bike. So much so, he was getting annoyed with it, as everytime no-one was around! And one night a van came up the street, turned round, the alarm on the bike goes off, my uncle ( a copper) sat there and looks out about 40 seconds later to turn it off. And its not there…

It looks like these lot know what they want and it is a thought out process, and know what there doing. So be careful you lot. Maybe it is time to hide the bikes away for winter?

Sorry to hear about the bike David i will be keeping my eyes open for it, is sad to know your not even safe on your own doorstep. Sparky matt and david hope you all get well soon espically who got stabbed. These people need to be found before they do it to another one of us.

hope everybody recovers and hope the bike is found

take care Graham

Just read the news about Friday night. I was absolutely stunned by it! Hope everyone involved is ok and the bike gets recovered. Also hoping you get hold of the arseholes that did it.