Friday Night - Poppins . . .

Poppins on tomorrow?

If so, i will be there!

forgive my ignorance - what is poppins?!

it’s a gay bar isn’t it?;):P:D

Thats the place - the memories of me and Chunk, hand in hand, sharing a milshake - those were the days!

… Poppins is a Friday Night meetup point - Serves Great food, has great people working there, and happens every other week!

I think it is on this week - can anyone confirm?

Its not this week

OK - looks like i may be up theace then. Gonna look on other page!

Strange as i was told it was not on last week but is on this… every other week as far as i knew.

Told it was this week as well… lets have a look, brb.

Yep there’s no Poppins this week, I’ve just seen M9s post on CBC.

Ok so i take it then if CBC don’t go no one goes?

No worries, just have to spend more time at the Ace and have another coffee.

pj, i think the owners recently had a close family member pass away, prob why its not on, inger mentioned it to me the other day.

see you at ace later…if its dry!:smiley: