Friday night photos

whats PJ looking so serious for

Garret and ratty

Garrets new ride






loving the closeups - especially of FF :slight_smile:

so you had a good night huh!!?? Im hearing LOTS of stories!

These are very good pics Ginger, really capture some character. PJ always looks serious, but who wouldn’t if they had a 1098 parked anywhere the rest of the LB bikes with so many seeming to fall over :wink:

It is a particularly good pic of FF :cool: and what is Ratty looking at ? :wink:

something very small and difficult to see? :stuck_out_tongue:

pish off:P

slarty…we was discussing garrtes loose wing mirror:w00t:


garret is loose huh?

men discussing mirrors huh?

wonders will never cease…

putting words in my mouth…tut…tut!

putting what in your mouth?!

moderators??? adult section please…

WORDS…save it for westie PPG;):D:P

awww cant take a little banter!? :frowning:

i’m living up to my name…i’m tired, had long day notlaot of sleep…sorry… i will play another day:D

nice choice in new bike garret :slight_smile:

oh dear!

Nice one Ginger! What camera did you use?

Nikon D60 using the 55 to 200 lens

only picked up the camera on wednesday so first night of trying it out

bringing it to france then ginge ?

Cheers Ginge!

Yea Stace, the only option for me really!

BTW, SMF_12 helped me fix the mirror (now I can have a clear view of my elbow).

wouldnt say youve caught our most photogenic sides! :w00t:

Good pic’s!.. :wink:

I see Fishface has gone for the “Emo” look!!! (She’ll get the joke!) :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont get it !
unless u mean i look demented or sumthing lol:P