Friday night in town

I know we are still living in unusual times but are there any Friday night bike gatherings in town? Preferably where there is food and drink? For tonight if I can get done in time.


The Ace Cafe is still mental on a Friday night but hasn’t been open to sell food and drinks.
I’ve seen a few at the tea hut on Clapham Common but not sure how many are there on a Friday night.

Ace Cafe is open from tomorrow!

Stopped by the Ace on the way back from a burger on Portobello Road, was mental there!

I’m North London all my life and thought I knew the Ace, never seen anything like it. Must have been hundreds of bikes, scooters, quads, everything. Plenty of kids revving the nuts off their bikes, big crowds gathered under the arches to shelter from the rain and not a lot of social distancing…

And loads of Police.

Great ride about town.