Friday night, 6th June @ The Ace Cafe

Anyone else? Prolly get there about 6:30-7pm…

Won’t stay too late as we are at Mallory on Saturday, but should be there a couple of hours :smiley:

Anyone wanting to come from Liverpool st area or en route between LS and TAC can PM me and I will pick you up on the way. Offer includes 125s, scooters:exclamation:, pillions with gear, but I’ll be heading north afterwards, so you may need to make your own way home…


hopefully see ya there ppg!

depends on weather, light rain will be ok:D

Hmm yeah - Met Office says:

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:Predominantly fair and quite warm with just one or two light showers. Rather wet in the southeast on Friday and in the northwest on Sunday.

Updated: 0352 on Wed 4 Jun 2008

Saw the forecast yesterday saying “nice weather coming”, booked Friday off to go out and play for the day… saw the forecast this morning saying “fooled you, it’s gonna pee down Friday”. Grrrr. Still, can’t be helped, hope to be at the Ace early evening and meet some more LBers. :slight_smile:

I would go down to BM again, but I don’t finish work early enough and the trike is too bloody big! I sat on the yellow cross-hatches last time, that’s well banned now apparently.

i will join you ppg on my 125 so go easy . i 'll be coming from whitchapel. i ll pm you

I’ll be there from 8

You’re always there, I think you’ve moved in :cool:

CC (Him) and myself will be there from about 7.30 ish :slight_smile:

Weather permitting I will be there. If in time I will join the rest on the rideout. More than likely not goi g to leave work in time so will be there about 9 then maybe on to poppins.

We’ll all be there sometime after work tomorrow. Haven’t seen you in ages!

looking forward to it chick x

Nice to see some familiar faces after Day Release and I managed to filter our way up :wink: Good to meet Sneaky, D675-GR and FishFace/Rockerchic/Dad again :wink:

And the potato wedges with chilli and sour cream are awesome and not skimpy portions either! :smiley:

Must do that more often :cool: Mebbe even come out on the rideout next time :hehe: