Friday Morning

It’s getting near the weekend!
Ride safe

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Good morning LB!


Yippee it’s Friday.

Have a good day all.

Please please ride safe, and don’t get too close to the vehicle in front as it normally ends in tears !

Morning OC and all, another nice one it’s a shame I’ve got to change the plugs and then other bit to do or I’d be out enjoying the roads, ride safe averyone.


morning all :slight_smile: who is goin ace cafe tonight im leaving harrow about 6ish :slight_smile:

morning and what a morning it is , shame i am back on crutches again( metal work removed) i had a good week out on the bike too

Morning peeps, have a lovely day and enjoy the sun :smiley: today I’ll be changing brake pads on a bike or two :doze: = ace cafe tonight bike night who iis going ?

Morning all, nice to see “RideOutRob” in the morning list:D

afternoon you frackers

Now correctly ammended

Afternoon all :slight_smile:


whats everyone doing tonight ? anyone going ace cafe tonight then ?

Afternoon all.:smiley:

Big ride out tonight from the Tea Hut:D

You still out on Claire’s ride Sunday?

:rolleyes: lol should have guessed the LB flag wasnt being flown in london tonight