friday morning hang over

good morning all


Self Inflicted = No sympathy

I feel your pain even worse when you have to work, get well soon

miserable kunt

I’m sure you are!

Now now children play nicely its the weekend!

no arguing my head hurts


Plenty of apple juice and hair of the dog …

drinking and playing nintendo wii, was a very funny mix.

thats wat i say to!!!hehehehehe!!! stick to soft drinks!!! lollollol

lol…get well soon I find those Twister lollypops work a treat when hungover, I alwways have some in the freezer

Have some toast with bovril spread on it washed down by a mug of sweet tea! best hangover cure ever…

Best way to avoid a hangover is to stay bladdered

yep thats the best TO OBLIVION AND BEYOND!!!

banditman stop moaning & do some work!

im not moaning im just a man ha ha, i like tomcats idea by keeping bladdered.