Friday Love...

Dream Catcher…
It automatically plays when the page has loaded up.
…I wrote this this week, finished it just now…apologies for the lack of dynamics, and the crappy violin sound - when I figure out how to play my violin into the computer it will be a hell of a lot better…:blush:

If you think it’s shite, it cos I have a cold. :P;) …and it sounds better on headphones cos thats what I mixed it on.

And I know I’m being defensive, lol. :laugh:


The only way to prove that you really play the Violin would be to bring it one Tuesday night and give us a tune :smiley:

Only kidding :w00t:

Sounds good :cool:

Thanks for the listen Grim :cool:
You wouldn’t be able to hear it if I brought it anyway…it’s an electric violin…my old one (the real one) is 200 years old…and that ain’t leaving the house, lol! ;):smiley:

Excellent:) The others are very good too.

:blush::slight_smile: Thank you Yslart

Ok :rolleyes: You can mime then :wink:

I’m actually speechless, what a great piece of music, cold or no missus !

Parts reminded me of the Buffy Season 1 soundtrack.

Brill … more please :smiley:

Thank you GridGirl :smiley: your opinion is very much apreciated because I know how similar our taste in music is from your posts about your mp3 playlists :cool:

Grim…mime? lol! :smiley:

lol my taste in music is quite ‘eclectic’ depending on my mood.

Respect to you mole, great talent you have :smiley:

You have a gift, Miss Mole…

I don’t have a musical bone in my body…and am very envious of people who do.

Thank you KS :slight_smile:

Oh I say not only is Mole lovely she is very talented too - absolutely lovely piece of music :Wow:

AWESOME DUDE!!! I really like it… I’m going make sure I listen to the others…

Do you have a CD or can I download them???:D:D

Listening to it now.

Its really chilling me out!:cool: