Friday Fight Night

Lewis R6 looks like Owen Wilson :smiley:

Smasher fancys me… Who wouldn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

SophieR6 Is lesbian with her mate Emily :w00t:

Er oh and LittleMissRoadRage.Ok it was me on the A20 Slip :cool: and it weren’t a wanker sign it was a blow job sign :w00t::hehe:

Come on then lets be aving ya

I’m a lover not a fighter:D:D:D

We can’t see any reason for a fight in this list Mr King, you were right in your other post about LB being too nice to have fights:D

Ok bundle then instead

lets have a summer of love LB stylie


Maybe Smasher wants you to smash her back doors in lmao

Go on then Rosso Darling, you start … :smiley:


+1 for summer of love :smiley:

Already done that loads of times. I wouldn’t use the word smash though more a total anialation