Friday 5th August rideout to Brighton

Sounds good! Should be there :slight_smile:

We will be LEAVING the Ace at 8pm and LEAVING Boxhill at 9pm, please be ready with fuel before hand.

I will be at the Bus Stop layby ready to go at 8pm so please make sure you are there or you will miss it.
Boxhill attendees please also make sure you have fuel ready to head off.

As a plus note a good friend of mine runs a pub within the lanes at Brighton and he has offered to organise a “meal deal” for us, according to him there is parking outside the pub but we need to be there before 10pm. This is possible, however, this is the reason we must make sure we are all ready to leave at the meet points on time.

Thanks, oh and the weather looks like its going to good. I just hope the roads have been left alone :Whistling:

weather’s looking fine down near box hill.

are you leading a group back too? or are we doing what we did last year and just heading off when we feel?


Late night dinner after a ride sounds good

fatty. :smiley:

I will be running a return route but i will be pealing off near the backend of Guildford and heading out to my home lol I’m sure some will be heading back via Boxhill and others will just head straight up the motorway to get home.

I would suggest that people can make their own plans for getting home like last year.

Ok i’m out… been told i have to practise :frowning:

IS anyone I recognise gonna be at box?

Don’t want to be aloof in yonder corner, not knowing too many of you, etc?



I’ll be at Box, blue and white k3 gsxr1000, black and white leathers, blue hoody, I’ll be there from about 20:45 and will park by the path going into Rykas. There’ll be another guy with me on an RSVR in black and red.

Come and give us a shout.




I’m young-ish

black and red lucky strike leathers.

probably will be smoking, and limping.

:smiley: thanks man!

I will be on a black 010 cbr 600 rr , black alpinestars leathers , if anybody sees me wandering about aimlesly …:unsure:

I will Be coming , My first ride out with LB.

( Silver fazer 600 with back rack but no box )

Hopefully get there B4 ya all leave without me :smiley:


I really want to try and make this, work permitting but I probably need to go home and change my mesh panelled jacket if I’m going to be tonking back up the motorway at 10pm.

Is the path going into Rykas the official meet point then?

I’ll be there waiting on a '10 (60 plate) black Yamaha Diversion if I can.

I’ll be waiting by the path, and PJ will be looking for me when he leads the group in, but I would imagine a group that size should be easy to spot coming in anyway.

wish i could make this, but I cant ,so have a safe one guys an gells…

i am out, poxy fiddleing fooking fiddle sticks:crying:

Major traffic problems around the M25/A26/A259 (I think) this evening, just letting you know in case that’s anywhere near the route

Yes, a lorry has crossed the barrier and hit a car in the opposite direction then shed its load near Reigate junction. M25 closed between M23 and Leatherhead causing severe delays on all roads in the area. Hopefully much of this will have cleared by the time of the ride.

I’ll be there…

Couldn’t resist a couple of after-workers so I’m out…

Enjoy peeps.