Friday 5th August rideout to Brighton

Same route as last years run so, leaving the Ace at 8pm with a stop at Boxhill for 9pm to pick up anyone that wants to meet there. We will then take a scenic route down to Brighton seafront for fish and chips.

I hope the roads will be in a better state than the last time :w00t:

Depending on the amount of people coming along then cornerman will be in place so all will be welcome. No motorways involved going but if you want a more direct run back to London then motorways may be included so bare that in mind.

So who’s interested?

Me :smiley:

Watch for nice thick freshly laid gravel oh and speed cameras (Chips) :laugh:

gah the fekkin camera

I have a picture somewhere of me on my 125 surrounded by 600’s and 1000’s, but me being caught for speeding!

Hope to be around, not sure atm though. really enjoyed last year…


ive heard a few of your germany crew might be coming :slight_smile:

i might also come along

box hill 9.00 a clock. if i am aloud ??

Me :smiley:

Ooohhh! I loved the ride last year, it was my first ride out with LB :slight_smile:
Hoping to join you for this one!

Me :slight_smile:

me too - will be at Box for 9pm if I can make it :slight_smile:


If the weather isn’t looking too manky then I’m in.

definately maybe :smiley:

Maybe me and the fella… but will meet ya all at box :slight_smile:

We’re a likely…might take a slightly circuitous route back too, test my HID lights!

May see you guys there if I can get away in time from work!

If it’s not legging it down then I may break my LB rideout cherry :smiley:

I’m in, Ash may join us too. Will probably meet you at Box at around 9.

Do you want to run the bike cam for the ride PJ, or do you want me to run it?

I’ll probably stay near the back, so may be better placed to film everything?

oh fk it i am gonna try myself out down the gym and see how it goes i am busting to get bk on the bike, last year was good :slight_smile:

You run it mate, as i will be leading there won’t be much to look at really lol

Plus you might actually get video instead of jpeg’s :blush: