Friday 31st Poppins

They are back from hols

So this Friday 31st

Poppins is On folks Yes it’s back on

Poppins Upper Richmond Road

7-00pm till late


:w00t: Milkshake time woohooo, see you there!

:slight_smile: sounds good to me

Them Milkshake’s are way to good to be safe but what can I do Ill have a chocy one :smiley:

If i get my bike back from Westie i`ll be there.

I’ll try and come up with Andyp and Chris…drag Andrea with me, if she will answer her mobile !! :stuck_out_tongue: Trisckie, wot u up to friday?

Milkshaking by the looks of it :smiley:


Debz & I will be there :smiley:

Maybe a group of us can meet at the Ace & ride down en masse :cool:

Who’s up for it? :w00t:

I’d be up for that, was trying to think where Upper Richmond Street is (and have no idea !) and then remembered how lost I got going to B’s, apparantly there’s a river in there somewhere ? :Whistling:Might be on the Triumph to get to know it again before Monday :slight_smile:

Oooops, don’t get reception at work and keep forgetting to check in the evenings. Will try and come down straight from work or meet you on the way? Coming down the M11 from Cambridge then A406?

what time do you think you will be getting to that junction m11 - a406 as we will be going past it. on route to meet grim & co at the ace.

Probably less chance me getting lost if i meet you lot at the Ace

Time please ??

wot do you fink this is a pub :smiley:

We’ll be there from about 6-7, I don’t like having to park my bike in amongst the packed car park then can’t get the bloody thing out, so I go earlier to park up along the railings.

Sometimes theres a big crowd that leave the Ace,… others meet at Poppins in dribs and drabs…

We were thinking of about 7pm at the Ace, cant get there any earlier as at Goodwood :smiley:

ok we will head there for about 7ish

Can i meet u on way then Andy? or u just wanna meet up at ace with the others?

yeah ok will meet you on route, same place you got your seat done at 7pm

sorry didnt ring you back about bm last night had to go get a new rear tyre fitted.

No probs, i went out to Hainult? had a ride around on my own…got home about 10 ish… Went to go see someone about a tank cover and seat fairing? Im thinking of changing the colours of mine…tell u bout it later…but will prob go for the black as it goes with the bike? ok will see u there then…