Friday 30th Jan, Ace

Who will be there?

We will be there around 8ish

I think i may be along , tho will be in the motor cos the bikes in bits again .

Me…in the car though cos i’m delivering leathers back to customers;) should be there around 8:D

Hope so!!

We’ll be there…in the car cos Dave’s bike ain’t well!

Well i actually rode to work today so i will be there on the bike.

I’ll be up there before 9 :smiley:

Should be down there later - i’ll be on the back of road runner bike. Still can’t bend my finger properly!! Need another opp for it!!:crying:

you bringing the traaaaaactor?:smiley:

Am planning to be there but who knows ?

ya know what? gonna be there…:D.

2 fridays in a row…wew…i must of been suspended from work or something…lol


OMG!! If I was sitting on a chair right now I would have fallen off!! I thought I was seeing things last week when I saw you at the ace, 2 weeks in a row, steady on fella :stuck_out_tongue:

i bet he is telling her in doors that he is working late :slight_smile:

A big thanks to Samm for all the leather repairs and for bringing them over! :smiley:

Sorry to peeps if you thought we were being a bit ignorant standing at the bar but as we weren’t there on the bikes we felt a bit out of it all! :ermm:

I think a few of you tore past us along the A40 on the way home…it was a nice sight and sound. We both looked at each other and cussed cos Dave’s bike was ill!!

We were in the car too :wink: Have you not heard of the LB Car and Van Club? :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time don’t worry :smiley:

Were ya?..maybe we should all sit round a fire in the car park rocking back and forth next time! :smiley: