Friday 23 August, Bedford Autodrome - South West circuit - No Limits

Never done it before, so here we go!

Never done it but been to watch a mate there. Its a great circuit. I was tempted by this but with Snetty on a saturday i decided to do that instead.

Have fun :wink:

Aye, I saw that you plucked for Snett on Sat. Fair enough, but jeez, how dear are weekend trackdays?! :crying:

Im doing bedford on the sat, looks wicked mate i watched a video on youtube. have fun bro, stay safe

£75 seems very reasonable to me.

Really? Only £75?! My mates paid about £120 for yesterday, but today its under £100

Weather was unreal!!! 28 degrees all day, so pooring with sweat…oh i mean rain fuckin hell didnt stop all day, ruined it. left in the morning…so upset looks like a nice track aswell

Ah man, gutted for you! :crying:
I loved it, it was an awesome circuit with loads of run off and fast sweeping bends. You’re on the pegs all session, hopping from one side of the bike to the next. The kerbs beg to be chopped off and aren’t that bumpy except one left hander.
There are, of course, some (minor) negatives. Those are: they are all over the noise testing, and unless you’re at about 100.9, you’ll need to baffle, the pit garages are a bit lame and limited (doubt theres power in them for those with tyre warmers etc), and everything is cash only. Oh, and its far from London! :frowning:

Ye, was a real shame man, ye there a bit strict up there, gave me grief about my bike and it aint even loud! and ye poor facilities and there not very friendly!

and to top it off got caught in the m1 traffic jam! FML LOL

wont be going there again, sticking to good old snett n brands!cant go wrong…

Mate, don’t write it off. If you’d got out on track then you’d love it! I started off ticking about the layout and the noise testing, and how they made a little kid leave pit lane thus leaving him balling his eyes out. Couple of hot laps later and you couldn’t wide the grin from my chops! Trust me, give it another go, the weather and lost cash would’ve soured anyones thoughts