Friday 22 Feb

A few bods are off to Colindale for a Chinese

On Friday 22nd Feb meet at the Ace for about 7-30 8-00ish leave for Colindale at 8-30pm

All welcome :smiley:

Its the eat as much as ya want the price is about £13 quid not including drinks

Thought it was Indian night :D:)

Im game

Don’t tell Terry, he’ll come after you with that big strap on :smiley:

How do you know what size it is? :Whistling:

He told me all about it… :wink:

I’ve just managed to get the night off work, so we’ll come. :smiley:
Boss isn’t happy, but she has rotered me on to work every wednesday and every friday night for the next six weeks, which I think is slightly unfair! :stuck_out_tongue:

it is a bit unfair

i know why dont we go and watch the film in the cinema as there are two members that are hurt and theres 1 member without a bike

we could go and see the bike film inm leciester square, yep we cpould go and see Freebird the movie asShanes (Smiled’s) slingers in it and it might cheer him up

Ah is this so you can sit in the back row with some unsuspecting member of LB and have a fumble? :w00t::smiley:


not at all it would be nice to see the movie, and it might cheer shane up having all his mates round him

so there i dont want to fumble with a LB member in the back row, i have mrs palmer for that

and for those who are not doing anything, richie and myself will be at the clapham tea stall friday night so if you fancy abit of a laugh come join us.

Cheers Ginger :wink:

Well i’ll be doing something this friday night, will be bikeless tho, but hopefully pillion maybe.

I’ll give you a ride :wink:

But your only ever out for half hour :smiley:

I thought you had to be home early for your tea on Fridays? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

:unsure: :pinch:

Whatever floats ya boat :smiley:

I had to read it twice to see . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Did someone say food??? :stuck_out_tongue:

i actually finish work at 9 on fri, guarenteed :smiley: so maybe meet up with ya all, dependin on where ya are