Friday 18 Ace

Any one fancy the Ace tonight, I will be down 6 or 7ish.



its a possibility for me ill see how today goes first

just hope I can find/make it, ive never made it to Ace for various reasons :blush:

aaarrrggghh…i’ve just put the bike away!

too late now.

Did you get t’ Ace without picking up any more designer pillion accessories? :Whistling:

It was a lovely to see you both, albeit briefly. See ya Monday, when you can laugh at just how slow I can ride a supersports!

Yes, thanks to Rosso! :blush: Had the bike 9 years, now I know it does 19 miles on reserve! lovely to see you Janey and see you lot at the Ace :slight_smile:

Well Franc was a laugh today, but good to get out for a bimble. Janey was a pleasant surprise to find you at the H Café, and your new ride is gorgeous, hope you can make it on Monday. It was good to make it to the Ace and see every one else that turned up.

I was there with a mate, my first time at night, bloody busy, I should have checked on here first then I would have said hello. Oh well, next time.