Friday 10th October

Too many busy weekends of late have made it impossible to get more miles under my belt. I’m not working on Friday and was hoping to get in a day trip before friends arrive from Spain for the weekend. I don’t really know routes around here and am open to suggestions! :w00t:

Is anyone else off that day and up for a bike ride??

Come on…there must be a few other part-timers around???
And the weather is looking good

i’m off on thursday

I’m off on Thursday afternoon (after about 2pm) but got people coming over later on for dinner - if they are happy with takeaway, I could do thursday afternoon!
Will PM you

I’ll have to see how the week goes, if I get lots done I could take Friday off but won’t really be able to confirm until Thursday, I’ll let you know as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

Cool but don’t use up annual leave!

I have 25 days leave left and the new leave year starts on the 1st November, not a chance of using those days up by then, plus 26hrs of flexi-time built up, so using a days leave isn’t going to be a problem.

Being able to find the time to take the day off is usually the problem, I have so much of my current project to deliver between now and Christmas!! :w00t:

i would have loved to but i finish nights on thurs night so i will be like a zombie anyway also i am going to the optricians in afternoon for an eye test:w00t:

it depends of the weather!!
but I know very little roads around London


EDIT: OK, may be back on again after the meeting was moved to the following week due to most peoples unavailability! :wink:

I’ll let you know nearer the time.

Won’t be able to make this now Anita, I recently got involved in an HR review user group to help inform them about the project I’m working on, get in early and I may be able to influence some of the outcomes, and I’ve just been invited to their first meeting, its between 11.00 and 14.00 on Friday, bugger!! :pinch:

If anyone does want to do this on Friday seeing as the weather should be lovely like today, let me know and I will see if I can organise a route …

Or perhaps someone else should go first to avoid me getting in the way at roundabouts! :smiley:

What time do you fancy doing this on Friday, is this going to be an early start and all day affair or are we talking more late morning/lunchtime?

I may have to come into the office first thing but I’m still planning on having the day off, especially if the weather is going to be nice, I’ve not been out on the bike for a couple of weeks and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms! :w00t:

I’ll pm a meeting point for thursday if you still want to go. sorry it’s been insane here today!!:crazy:

Definitely - not been out much on the bike and want as much practise as possible!

Weather is going to be great. Join us!

Late morning suits me as want to go to the gym but not get up at 6am for it (not when I’ll be out clubbing till 6am!) I think my red bull break will have to come to an end! Need to be back by 530pm though 'cos only polite to be here when they arrive from the airport!

No problem, I have to come into work for a 9.30am meeting, it’s only 30 mins, and then I’ll be heading home to get the bike out, I’ll have a think about what time I’ll be able to get to you and text you later.

I’ll also have a think about a route/where to go. :smiley:

where are you meet?


Not sure yet. I am in East Finchley and Tim is somewhere about Greenwich I think.
I am kind of hoping Tim will take over sorting this as I dont know any routes.
Will see what he says tomorrow

i was thinking we could meet up here tomorrow about 2ish it’s a petrol station on finchley road near golders green. If Tim is coming maybe something more central would be better.

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