Fri 28 April The City: demonstration

On Friday, April 28, at approximately 11:00 a.m., animal rights protestors will meet at Finsbury Square and march via Moorgate, London Wall, Houndsditch and Aldgate to America Square. It is currently estimated that between 100 and 500 demonstrators will attend.

It is widely expected to be a peaceful demonstration. The possibility of a small number of extremist activists cannot be dismissed however, and the event will be closely monitored by the City of London police. You are advised to avoid the march route between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Good on them. Thanks for the headsup.

Thanks for the info, best select another route home if I get away early as planned.

hey, i may go i have new fur coat that looks fuckin diamond with my snake skin shoes, May take a pack lunch swan sandwich’s anyone??

My Gorrila skin leathers are at the dry cleaners so I can’t join you Flat, soz

well all animals have the right to look good when made into a human shape so your best to keep them clean Wig.

I’m quite symphatetic to them ! Sometimes I don’t agree with the means but I certainly agree with the fins…

Free Willy!

Wouldn’t mind free-ing my willy, god damn underpants too tight.

Banish those unpure thoughts by 14 May, though…