Fresh meat!

Did this a bit ass about face really and posted elsewhere before saying hi properly.

So. Hi!

Ok, now that’s the formalities over and done with, I’ll get back to crayoning over the other threads :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D You’ve certainly started well!!! What do you ride??

Hi hi :slight_smile:

I’m only a pillion pussycat at the moment, but not for long! Taking lessons as we speak (well, not literally as we speak but you know what I mean) and hope to treat myself to something of the two wheeled variety for Christmas :smiley:

Well, the more the merrier! Always happy to see those of the female gender on here, helps to promote biking as something for everyone. Good luck in your lessons, hope to see you out on the black stuff some day, hopefully rubber down!

Too many times have I heard ‘but girls can’t ride motorbikes.’ Tis a sad, sad sentence to hear…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello from me:P

Welcome! :cool:

Put that away…God only knows where it’s been!

I know, tiz rubbish indeed…just a shame I don’t get on one more but hey ho. Will have my own one soon (I hope!) :cool:

welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi… nice to have another girl on board. Quite a few now :slight_smile: Q

This is Londonbikers - and your welcome to it !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Air, hair, lair as we posh folks might say, welcome.

How do you know I’m not posh too?!

Anyone for Pimms, dah-lings? :smiley:


welcome to londonbikers - hope to meet you at one of our meets or newbie night

Greetings ans salutations.

Hope to see you out and about, oh if your mad it will help round these parts.

hello and welcome…

Mad? You’ve got to be a certified nutcase to fit in here!

Oh I’ll be just fine then…wibble :smiley:

have you ever noticed how the female newbies seem to get a large flurry of hi’s and welcomes in a very short space of time ?

oh btw hello.

Mad not a chance