Fresh meat from Czech republic

My name is George and I am from Czech Republic and ride CBR600F 03
I am currently at Tottenham and seeking work as a forklift driver or warehouse operator

Someone from Tottenham? or close to Tottenham ?

Make sure you lock it up!

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome aboard, and I wish you all the best in finding a job.

Strong chain and alarm and difficult access:P

Had Interviú at DHL and now waiting for the outcome:w00t:

Welcome to LB:)

welcome to the forum. im in crouch end so not too far away from you

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:
Im not that far from Tottenham, just down the road :slight_smile:

Turn pike station is just 2 minutes driving from my home :smiley:
Send my message if you go for ride :cool:

Hi George, welcome to LB.

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

east london is a **** HOLE :smiley:

big style

just as well he lives in North London then! :wink:

Welcome to LB George, best of luck with the job hunting. :slight_smile:

Ahoy George,

Welcome to LB forum - however it sounds from me as a newbie :slight_smile:
Nice to see some Czechs here. I live on the other end of the village but I hope I’ll see you at an LB meet…