fresh idea for alerting drivers to their bad behaviour

Smashing a wing mirror off is more effective. Message gets across loud and clear.

Every time I think about it I have in mind small issue… my licence plate is at back of the motorcycle.


My licence plate is more or less unreadable because of the size and the grime.

By the same principle, the next time you do something dangerous (whether you do it on purpose or by accident - I decide) I should push you over?

You can try.

I’d rather not… I prefer to treat people like I’d like them to treat me

As much as I’d like to drag someone kicking and screaming from a car if they do something bad, I couldn’t really do the damage and run tactic, mainly cause I reckon the next biker passing by might have something worse done to them and due to no fault of their own.

A guy virtually flattened me on the way to work the other day and when I stopped alongside him at the lights, he gave me the finger and looked away.

I opened his rear nearside door to tell hime what a cock he was and then left it open when the lights went green, leaving him to get out, walk around and close it before he could set off :smiley:

Childish I know, but it gave me a warm satisfied glow for the rest of the journey.

Some mirrors cost £400 to replace. Be sure that’s how much damage you want to do. If they clock your number you could also hear from their insurance.

I find folding said mirror in is quite annoying to the driver and no damage done :slight_smile:

Well done batman!, now he don’t see any riders behind, what a brilliant prank. I found many times unfolding people mirrors for exactly this reason, they wont see you, so you are in danger not them.


true, but when I do it it usually means the driver wasn’t using them in the first place so it won’t make the slightest bit of difference it just makes a point